Fundraising Opportunities with Skyline

Below is a list of opportunities for athletes and families to earn additional money towards club dues. More information about these items are discussed in the video above. For more information about Fundraising, contact or at (972) 675-1448 ext 101.

  • Skyline Gold Scrip Program
  • Serve-a-thon
  • Super Bowl Squares
  • Work Program
  • Donations to Scholarship Program
  • Club Wide Fundraiser during Alumni Tournament

Work Program

Skyline will have many opportunities to help work. Standard rate is $12/hour. The whole family is welcome to help and every working family member may earn credit towards the players account.
– Concessions at Tournaments
– Gate at Tournaments
– Pro Shop and Apparel sales
– Club Administration Help
– Special Events Setup
See the bottom of this page for the current list of Work Program events. Check back often as new opportunities are posted often.

Skyline Gold Scrip Program

Skyline Gold – Earn 1-75% rebate of every dollar you spend at over 500 merchants thru the Scrip and Kroger programs. This rebate will then be applied directly to your i-Skyline account, reducing your account balance. That means you can lower your monthly dues and/or airfare (anything applied to your i-Skyline account). The beauty of this program is that you earn money without spending any additional money! If you purchase groceries, gas, clothes, if you eat out, make home improvements or travel, than you can earn Skyline Gold! It’s FREE money!!
click here for PDF detail handout
click here to see 6-minute video about Skyline Scrip Program

Super Bowl Squares

The months of December and January we will be selling Super Bowl squares online. Our goal is to complete 1 grids/pools for every Skyline team – which means that we need to sell 100 squares at $10 each for each team. Contact your friends, family and co-workers – people love to play squares on Super Bowl. As a grid fills up, we can open new grids. Multiple prizes will be given out for winners. Proceeds will go directly to the Scholarship Program. This is a mandatory fundraiser for all teams for proceeds to the scholarship fund.

Click here for more information on Super Bowl squares.


The Skyline Serve-a-thon is a simple and easy way to raise money for your dues. Collect pledges from family and friends that donate a certain amount for each serve you get over the net and in the court. Athlete serve 100 times. Contact to get a copy of the Serve-a-thon pledge sheet. Once you have completed your pledges, contact your head coach and let them know you are ready to serve. The Head Coach will coordinate the time for you to do your Serve-a-thon. Click Here to download the Serve-a-thon form and begin getting pledges now!!!

Popcorn Sales

This will be a sale to help individuals with their club dues. We are launching our Popcorn Sales fundraiser November 14 and all individual player order forms with check/cash included will need to be returned to the SWAC by Mon, November 27! 50% of proceeds earned on popcorn sales will go directly to player club dues.
Individual player families will receive allotted bags of popcorn for pickup at the SWAC on final practices before leaving for Christmas break. It is the responsibility of each individual family to deliver popcorn bags to those that purchased bags in their child’s name.

Special Incentive: The top popcorn sellers will receive extra donations from Triple T’s Popcorn to their player accounts as follows:

#1 Popcorn Seller – Receives extra 3% of total profits from club earnings + 50% of individual sales

#2 Popcorn Seller – Receives extra 2% of total profits from club earnings + 50% of individual sales

#3 Popcorn Seller – Receives extra 1% of total profits from club earnings + 50% of individual sales

Please download the PDF of Tripe T’s Popcorn Menu & Player Order Form here:

Club Wide Fundraiser during Alumni Tournament

More information on this coming soon!