College Recruiting Video Library

This page is dedicated to Skyline athletes and their college recruiting process. It is our mission to give you all the information and tools to effectively and market yourself to college coaches. Between the recruiting tools in and our partnership with Parallel Recruiting Initiative (PRI), you will be able to know what your next step is in the recruiting process.

You and watch the entire College Recruiting Seminar video series in order (15 video) OR you can watch only the videos you are interested in.

Below are links to two videos by Jason Bibler on using Hudl to make your highlight videos
Making a Hudl Highlight Part 1
Making a Hudl Highlight Part 2

College Recruiting Intro (5:19)

  • Introduce Parallel Recruiting Initiative (PRI)
  • Services PRI’s provides to our athletes
  • Copy on ALL emails
  • Send more emails & branch out to more schools
  • Highlight film (Hudl)
  • Sign up for PRI newsletter

High School Freshman Class (2:00)

  • Create list of schools
  • Research schools on your list
  • Begin sending emails
  • Branch out with your schools

High School Sophomore Class (2:45)

  • Coaches cannot contact you until June 15th after your Sophomore year.
  • Get as many coaches to your court as possible
  • More Emails > What goes in the email?
  • Highlight & Game Film
  • Send coaches your schedule

High School Junior & Senior Class (2:36)

  • You should be talking to colleges
  • Reach back out to the schools that once told you no
  • Continue to branch out
  • Update your NCAA Eligibility Center Tools to Help with College Recruiting

Athletes and families have access to so much information and tools to help with your college recruiting process. Please spend less than 15 minutes to watch the video below to help you maximize your effectiveness during the college recruiting process.

Personalize your Player Profile (3:58)

  • How to turn your profile into a vast interactive tool
  • How to add your own profile picture
  • Add unlimited number links to videos, pdf, docs, etc
  • Additional tips on rosters and messages

College Search Tool & Individual School Task List (7:12)

  • Easiest way to branch out and grow your college interest list
  • Maximize your college search process with the tool
  • Favorite a school to add to your personal list of schools
  • Manage your personal school list with an Individual Task List for each of your favorite colleges

College Recruiting Docs (4:46)

  • Links to PRI website, podcasts, blogs, etc.
  • Recruiting Timelines
  • Videos on making a highlight video in Hudl
  • NCAA Recruiting Calendars and Definition of Terms like dead period, quiet period, evaluation period, etc.
  • Keep your University Athlete account up-to-date
  • Info on the NCAA Eligibility Center

College Recruiting Q&A

Below are a list of questions about the women’s college volleyball recruiting process. Most questions have been answered by Jason Williams (Div 1 head coach representative), Jason Bibler (recruiting coordinator), and Jon Rye (Skyline Director).

How to get college coaches to read your email (3:13)

  • Initial email should be short, sweet, & unique
  • Subject line must include Name, Position, HS Grad Year
  • We offer some ways to get their attention
  • Make sure your links work (log out of hudl when checking your links)

Can I send colleges too many emails? (5:46)

  • “Every email you send, gets your name in front of the coach”
  • Are you “every 3-months interested” or “every week interested”?
  • Send 250 emails January – June 15
  • Send Hudl highlights after every tournament

What is different for a Libero/DS in the recruiting process? What should film for a Libero/DS include? (8:06)

  • Be a great passer
  • Showcasing your serve receive (passing) is the highest priority
  • Jason Williams (TCU) answers what a highlight film for a DS/Libero should include.
  • Ways to separate yourself from other good passers

Do undersized hitters get overlooked by colleges? (4:49)

  • “No good college coach overlooks a great player”
  • “If you are dynamic and you can score…that is what they are looking for”
  • Coaches are asking “can they score in my conference”
  • If your school tells you NO…that may mean “No for now”

How does the Transfer Portal effect the high school athlete recruiting process? (6:23)

  • Schools are still trying to find “The Right Fit”
  • Expect your list of schools
  • The portal opens up more opportunities late in the recruiting process
  • When a school brings on a transfer, it opens a door somewhere else.
  • High school athletes should respond to all colleges, you never know if you will cross paths with the college coach later down the road.

Are professional scouting or recruiting services helpful in the recruiting process? (4:16)

  • Do you want to pay others to send emails for you?
  • Between Skyline’s partnership with PRI and the iTeamApp, Skyline athletes do not need an outside service
  • College coaches what to hear from the athlete

Is there a fee for PRI with Skyline athletes? How does Jason Bibler get to know the Skyline athletes? (4:28)

  • Skyline has hired PRI to to inform you every step of the college recruiting process.
  • You do not need to pay more to get your questions answered or to find out what you need to do next.
  • Skyline has not hired PRI to do the work for the athletes.
  • See schedule of Recruiting Workshops January – April

What does a typical day in the life of a student athlete look like? (2:31)

  • Jason Williams describes the typical life of a student-athlete
  • Good time management help for a better experience
  • Jason leaves you on a good note!