Feb 24-25, 2024

22st Annual North Texas Invitational Volleyball Tournament

Event Information:
Schedule/Results Link: Click Here
Tournament Type: 2-Day – Pool & Playoffs
Guarantee: 10 Sets
Divisions: 11s-18s (Open & Club Divisions)
* Only North Texas Region teams allowed to compete in this event

NTI ask you to help make a difference in our community

Collecting Items at Each Tournament Site

We will be joining forces with Lovepacs to help collect food items so they can deliver them to children. Please check your pantry for any of the below items. Let’s join together in helping provide these individuals a little something to brighten their day.

To benefit those in need, we will be collecting the following at each tournament site:

  • Northlake Fieldhouse – 12 oz. Box of cereal and mini boxes of cereal
  • Flyers – 15oz. Cans Chef Boyardee, 15oz. Can Pork and Beans, 15oz. Cans Chili with Beans
  • SWAC – 24-32 oz Jar of Jelly, 16 oz. Jar of Peanut Butter
  • Drive Nation – Cups of Easy Mac, packets of Raman Noodles
  • Courtside/Arete – Granola Bars, packets Oatmeal
  • SSAC – Indiviudally packed Animal Crackers or other snack items (approx. 10 servings)
  • The Bolt/Mad Frog – 15 oz Cans Fruit, 15 oz Cans Fruit
  • Net Results – 15oz. Cans Corn, 15oz. Cans Green Beans, 15oz. Cans Mixed Vegetables

NTI – Lovepacs Flyer

Warmup Volleyballs
will be provided at
ALL facilities

Site & Location Information:
Divisions and sites will be posted here 2 weeks prior to event

Playing SiteGate InfoSeating Info
8 yrs & under free
Cash & Credit accepted
Bleacher seating provided next to courts
NO Outside Chairs Allowed
*Warm-up balls are provided
Drive NationAdults: $10/day
5 & Under: Free
65 & Older: Free
Cash & Credit accepted
Bleacher seating provided
No outside chairs allowed
*Warm-up balls are provided
FlyersAdults $10/day or $15/weekend
6 yrs & under free
Cash & Credit accepted
Bleaching seating & chairs provided
NO outside chairs
*Warm-up balls are provided
Net ResultsAdults $10/day
8 yrs & under free
Cash & Credit accepted
Bleacher seating provided
Outside seating is allowed
No Parking in lot directly across the street
*Warm-up balls are provided
SSACAdults $12/day
Seniors $6/day
5 yrs & under free
Cash please, add’l fee for CC
Bleachers provided
Outside chairs allowed only in concrete or tarp areas
No chairs on wood floors
*Warm-up balls are provided
CourtsideAdults $10/day or $18/weekend
5 yrs & under free
Cash & Credit accepted
Seating provided
You may bring chairs
*No parking on grass
*Warm-up balls are provided
$20 2-day Pass
Outside seating is prohibited
Bleachers provided, folding chairs permitted
*Warm-up balls are provided
The Bolt (NRG)Adults $10/day
Seniors $5/day
Cash & Credit accepted
Bleachers provided
Outside chairs allowed, but NOT on playing surface
Park on south & east side, addt’l parking in marked grass areas. No parking allowed north side or in retaining pond on SE corner.
*Warm-up balls are provided for NTI
AreteAdults $12/day
65 & Older: Free
5 & Under: Free
Bleachers/Stadium seating and chairs are provided. Stadium seats are allowed. No personal chairs allowed.
*Warm-up balls are provided
MadfrogAll: $8/day or $15/weekend
$65+ & <= 5: Free
Seating provided
You may bring chairs
*Warm-up balls are provided
  • click here for facility location and information

Tournament Schedule:
Tournament Schedule is posted on VstarVolleyball.com. Please check the schedule every day as changes may take place up until the Friday before the event. Sunday schedule will be posted by Friday.

Bad Weather & Pandemic Policy

From time to time, bad weather will interfere with the running of an event. When such cases occur, we will follow the below as guidelines.

The following is a list of conditions that might be considered grounds for cancellation of events or matches and grounds for refusal to participate on the part of vendors and teams: Severe Thunderstorms, Ice Storms, Flash Flooding, Tornado Watches/Warnings, Predicted Icy Conditions, Pandemic, Social distancing. If one of these situations arises in the county of an event location, it is at the discretion of the Tournament Director what course of action to take. It is not necessary to have a universal policy; each facility should be considered individually for the purposes of making a decision. However, any cancellation at a particular facility should warrant a cancellation of all matches, pools, and brackets at that facility.

In the case of a predictive condition, a tournament may move the start time of a tournament back if it could still run its course and finish before the curfew. In these situations, an email is to be sent out to the participating clubs no later than 12 hours prior to the original start time. In case of pandemic or social distancing recommendations,  tournament format guarantees may be reduced.

In the case of weather that arises after the tournament has started or weather that is predicted after the event has started, several factors must be taken into account. If it is deemed by the Tournament Director that it is unsafe to continue, then it is permissible to cancel any number of matches. If pool play is cancelled before the fourth match of pool play is completed in all pools, then it is recommended that the tournament be cancelled. If the fourth match of pool play has been completed in all pools, then pool play may continue on the next day followed by a truncated single elimination bracket. If any part of bracket play is cancelled, then the tournament will be considered finished and all teams in each tier shall be considered tied for the place represented by the last fully completed tier of the bracket.

A partial refund shall be given to all teams based on the number of matches short of the guaranteed match total that team missed. The refunded amount shall be $15 a match. The only exception to this is teams who submitted in writing that they were not attending the tournament due to weather even though the tournament had not been cancelled. These teams receive no refund. They are not subjected to penalties.

Referees whose match total was reduced due to a cancellation of matches shall be paid for the matches that they did work and shall be awarded a $5 a match stipend for the number of matches they would have worked based on the schedule created by the head referee/site director.

Referees who chose not to attend an event that was not cancelled are not owed this stipend. Facilities and host clubs should negotiate among themselves what is a fair payout for partial usage due to weather.

Announcement of any cancellations should be submitted in writing by email to all of the Club Directors whose clubs are participating.

Tournament Contact:
Jon T. Rye
text: (214) 514-1717
email: jonrye@skylinejuniors.com

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