Competitive Volleyball League
May – June 2022

Hosted by Skyline Juniors

2022 Skyline League Team Results

Accept your spot on Skyline league team by making your $320 one-time payment below.
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Practices begin week of May 9th. We will post an online practice schedule this weekend

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Summer League

A perfect blend of competition and elite training. 2-hours per week of team practices and at 8-10 games (6 week) league and an end-of-season Tournament. This is a great value, unbeatable training and a great opportunity to get to know our Skyline staff!  You may signup as a team or come to one of our Tryouts to get placed on a team. You may provide your own coach or Skyline can also provide a coach for your team!!!

Summer Dates:

Individual League Tryout Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 @ 6:30pm
Team Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 @ 6:00pm
League Duration: May 12 – June 18

League Schedule

  • Week 1: May 12-14
  • Week 2: May 19-21
  • Week 3: May 26-27
  • Week 4: June 2-4
  • Week 5: June 9-11
  • Tournament: June 16-18

League info for Individuals

If you would like to play in the league, but do not have a team, we will hold a tryout on Thursday, May 5th @ 6:30pm and place individuals on teams with Skyline coaches. Please note that not all players will be placed on a team. We only offer tryouts for the Summer I and Fall sessions.

Click here to register for League Tryouts

  • There is a $20 tryout fee that does not go towards the league fee.
  • After you have been placed on a team you will have 48 hours to accept your spot and make the $320 payment.
  • League Tryout Date: Thursday, May 5, 2022 @ 6:30pm
  • Team practice times are flexible and we will take requests
  • $320 per Athlete (with Skyline Coach)
  • $270 per Athlete (if you provide coach)
  • Includes: 2 hour of practice per week (begins week of June 9th)
  • Includes: 6 week competition schedule plus tournament (Plano Volleyball Assoc. league)
  • Includes: T-shirt Jersey
  • Includes: Skyline Coach for practices and matches (if requested coach)
  • Excludes: Uniform other than t-shirt jersey, kneepads, shoes, spandex

Team Registration:

Step 1: If you already have your team (or most of one), click here to register your team .
Step 2: While registering above, you will see a google link in the directions. You must send this link to all your team participants to have them sign up by Wednesday, May 4th (if not done by then, they won’t receive the t-shirt jersey)

Team Information

  • Skyline Coach Provided: Payment of $2,950 per team is required at the time of “team registration.”
  • Provide your own coach: Payment of $2,300 per team is required at the time of “team registration”
  • You may have as few as seven (7) and as many as twelve (12) athletes on your roster.
  • Team registration deadline: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 @ 6pm
  • Google Form (see google link in the team registration) must be submitted by all team players by Wednesday, May 4.
  • Team practice times are flexible and we will take requests

League Divisions:

  • Plano Volleyball Association Competitive Volleyball League
  • Matches will be played on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings
  • Each team will usually play 1 to 2 matches on day of play (8 within 5 weeks)


  • High School Division  D1, D2, D3
  • 8th Grade Division  D1, D2, D3
  • 7th Grade Division  D1, D2, D3
  • 6th Grade Division  D1, D2, D3
  • 5th Grade Division  D1, D2
  • 4th Grade Division  D1, D2


Practices Begin the week of May 9th
Practices Days: we have practice times available Monday-Thursday. Please have your team rep or coach request a practice day.
Practices Duration: 2 hour practice included, 1 day a week


Skyline Juniors coaches for the summer leagues will include some of our Skyline travel team coaches, local coaches, former players, and potential Skyline coaches.

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