December 12-13, 2020

Event Information:
Registration End Date: Nov. 21, 2020
Online Schedule: Online Schedule – click here

Tournament Type: 2-Day – Pool & Playoffs
Divisions: 10s-18s

Site & Location Information:

  • Net Results | *U16s, U13s
  • Skyline | U10s, U11s, U12s
  • Frisco Flyers Sports | U14s, U17-18
  • Tejas (Euless Location) | *U15s

Tournament Schedule:
Tournament Schedule will be posted on the Tuesday prior to the event. Please check the schedule every day as changes may take place up until the Friday before the event.

What we are doing for Social Distancing:
Below is our current plan for this event.

  • Absolutely NO ball-handling or warm ups on spectator courts/area.
  • Saturday, we plan to have a traditional format of 4-tm & 3-tm pools on 1 court; however, we plan to use fewer courts at each location
  • We will schedule fewer teams at each location in order to result in fewer players and spectators at each location (see table below).
  • We have decided to have work-teams both days this weekend. All teams will need a certified R2 and Scorekeeper.
  • Officials & R2s will either have their whistle under their mask or use a handheld-whistle
  • We ask parents to not enter the facility until 10-15 minutes prior to their daughter’s scheduled start time.
  • Players are not allowed in facilities more than 30-minutes prior to the start, unless the facility allow players in earlier.
  • Sunday, we running single-elimination. This will allow teams that lose a match to be able to leave the facility sooner and allow more teams to enter the facility.
  • We have changed the order of brackets to reduce the number of teams that are off (waiting to play).
  • Many teams will Ref/Work after they win on Sunday so losing teams may leave the facility. View the work schedule in Sunday brackets carefully.
  • The tournament scheduler is responsible for reducing the number of teams at each site, but currently the facilities are responsible for deciding and implementing any restrictions on spectators. 
  • We will post here, by Wednesday, any of our facilities will have any spectator restrictions, recommendations or advance online ticket sales.
  • Additional changes are listed in the NTR 2020-2021 Season COVID-19 Match Protocol
FacilityMax # Tms in
gym at any time
# Cts
Spectator Area
Flyers16 tms4 cts4-6 cts
Net Results16 tms4 cts5+ cts
Skyline12 tms3 cts4+ cts
Tejas8 tms2 cts3 cts

Facility Spectator Information (see chart below)

Gate for ALL Frozen Fest Facilities
– $10 Saturday & $8 Sunday
– $15 Weekend passes are available at most locations
(Flyers Facility offers discounts for youth or seniors)

Limitation on Spectators:
We recommend two (2) spectators per players. We have reduced the number of teams at each facility to allow for more than one spectator per player to attend.

Flyerscash or credit
$2 fee credit
Bleacher Seating Provided
Outside chairs NOT allowed due to damage to courts
Net Resultscash or creditNo Seating Provided *
Bring your own seating
Skylinecredit only pleaseNo Seating Provided *
Bring your own seating
Concession is credit card only
Tejascash or creditNo Seating Provided *
Bring your own seating
* Facilities not providing seating in to minimize surfaces that may spread bacteria.

Additional Resources:
CDC Website: Attending Sporting Events

Tournament Contact:
Jon Rye
call: (972) 675-1448 ext 110
text: (214) 514-1717

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