Skyline Sports has teamed up with Paradigm Sports to bring you professional Strength, Conditioning, Rehabilitation services.


PARADIGM SPORTS is a comprehensive scientifically based program designed to assist athletes to excel and rise above their competition.

Our Goal is for you to reach excellence

A MULTIFACETED, SCIENTIFICALLY BASED, SYSTEMATIC PROGRESSION that optimizes and develops all components of the game, which include injury prevention, speed, agility, agility movement efficiency, body composition, synergy/ coordination, balance and mental development.

A Paradigm Sports athlete is less susceptible to injuries and has built a balanced foundation that will allow themselves to rise above the competition.

Regular Season Programs:

Individual Training Sessions:
Cost: $175 per month per athlete
* Call/Email for available days and times

Team Training Sessions:
Cost: $250 per session per team
Recommend 8 sessions (est. $200 per athlete for all 8 sessions)
* Call/Email for available days and times

To Schedule your session:

Contact Jeff Lochner
(214) 668-4775

Facility Address :

Paradigm Sports
900 Stewart Ave.
Plano, TX 75074
Located inside the Skyline Sports Shack
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