6-Week Jump Training Program

Play Above The Net


Have you ever heard an athlete say, ‘I jump too high for volleyball’ or ‘I wish my vertical was a few inches shorter’?

It doesn’t happen, especially in volleyball—a sport where wins are determined by a team’s aerial power. Those who jump the highest, hit the hardest and block the most play the best. And, whether you’re already jumping through the roof or still have countless inches to go, you can always improve your vertical.

Paradigm is offering a 6 week program designed to help players increase their vertical jump and reduce injuries that come from volleyball. Athletes can expect to:
  • Strengthen posture and mechanics
  • Develop body awareness and balance
  • Improve volleyball specific jumps (approach, block, lateral block, etc.)
  • Learn proper double & single leg landing form
  • Ankle mobility and stability
  • Injury prevention
Beginning Monday June 11th, sessions will be Monday at 5:30-6:30pm and Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm. This is a 6 week program.

Cost: $250 per athlete

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