Fall 2022 Skyline Dates & Information

Below is an email that was sent on September 2 to all Skyline families…

We wanted to share a lot of information about the upcoming Skyline activities.  There is a lot going on after Labor Day so please checkout the dates below and the information provided.

After Labor Day, we will be offering our Skyline Fall Training on Wednesdays & Sundays.  We ask that everyone please RSVP on iTeamApp so we can plan staffing each session appropriately.  This year, we will offer two (2) session for each age group (2 hr 40 min each day).  You can come to one or both sessions.  Please sign up for each session you plan to attend.


  • September 1: USAV Membership opens (see Sept. 1 email & Sept. 2 text)
  • September & October: Optional Training every Wednesday & Sunday
  • October 23: Information Meeting for Skyline Club Teams
  • November 2: Mandatory Practices begin for 9s-14s teams
  • November 28: Mandatory Practices begin for 15s-18s teams
  • December 16-29: Christmas Break (No Practices)
  • Dec 30, 31, Jan 2: 2-a-day Team Training & Skyline/Alumni Tournament (all teams)

Receiving Emails or Add Other Emails to Team Communication
To receive email updates, reminders, texts and other information, we will need your contact information in our iTeamApp system.  Go to iTeamApp, login to your account, from the menu click select i-Skyline > Programs.  Select the “Contact Info” from the Athlete Menu.  Here you can manage all contacts and what emails and phone numbers you want to receive messages.

Emails going to your Junk Folder?
View this 2 minute video on “How to avoid our emails going to your junk folder“.

View Messages from the Club:
Are you not sure if you received an email, or you cannot find a past message from us?  In the “Messages” section of the iTeamApp, you will be able to see all emails and texts that we sent for the entire season.  We have found it may be easier to find past messages here than to search your inbox.  View a 35 second video “How to view past messages from Skyline to teams“.

Update Roster and Profile Information:
While you are in the Program section of iTeamApp, please take this time to update all the information in the “Roster Info” and “Profile Info” sections.

Tournament Schedules:
Tentative tournament schedules for all teams have been posted on the Skyline website.

Hotel Information and When Should I Purchase Airline Tickets?
Video 1: “Hotels Overview” (1:35)
Video 2: “Navigating Hotels/Airline” (2:04)

Video 1 above explains the urgency of booking your hotel immediately after we notify you the hotels are posted.  We recommend waiting to purchase your airline tickets until your team has been officially accepted in the tournament.  Video 2 above shows you how we communicate when a team is accepted in a tournament and where to find the hotel booking details. Action on hotel will be required in October-December for most qualifiers.  We will notify you as soon as hotels are posted and open for booking.

October 23rd Info Meeting:
The purpose of our October 23rd meeting will be to go over where and how to find all the information you need to know for team travel, tournaments, practices, etc.  Like last year, we encourage teams to find their own venue to host this meeting for their team and we will provide the information.

Practice Schedule and Subscribing to your Team’s Online Calendar:
We are still working on finalizing the practice schedule for all teams.  When we are finished, we post them on the online calendar for each team.  We are still setting up calendars for each team.  We will notify you when these calendars are active.  This will be sometime in later October.

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions!

Skyline Staff