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The Tx Room (Treatment Room)

Appointments scheduled at the Shack
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-8pm

Call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.
Phone: 972-781-2800
Fax: 972-608-9680


Skyline Sports Shack has recently partnered with The Tx Room (Treatment Room), a sports chiropractic-myotherapy clinic that treats an array of sports related injuries.   Dr. Angel will be the practicing Chiropractor at Skyline Sports Shack.  To schedule an appointment you can call 972-781-2800.  If you are at the facility and would like to meet her, feel free to stop by the room on Tuesday or Thursday from 1-8:30.

What can the Skyline athletes expect from your service?

The Tx Room is a results driven practice that takes pride in keeping athletes on the playing field/court.  In that respect, our practice treats more than your typical neck and back pain that most people associate chiropractic care with, including shoulders, knees, hips, wrists, and ankles.   Whether it is an acute sprained ankle or a chronically sore shoulder, we can work with the injury and get the athlete back 2 or 3 times quicker than is traditionally expected.  There are no 1-2 month treatment plans; our aim is for recovery in 1-2 days if possible.  Rather than making a lifetime patient, we are more concerned with clearing the injury quickly and minimizing the amount of recovery time.

Will you be treating other patients at this location or just Skyline players?

We are here to treat anyone that needs our care.  While we plan to see many acute injuries from the players, we also treat chronic injuries such as tendinitis issues, plantar fasciitis, or frozen shoulder to name a few.

Will you accept insurance, and how much will the session cost?

Yes, we do accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans and United Healthcare plans.  If the patient has one of these plans, we can submit to your insurance in office for you.  If you do not have either of these plans, we will have a discounted visit option for players and their families of $65.00. Sessions usually run 20-30 minutes.

Dr. Angel Kemmerer

Dr. Kemmerer grew up in Little Elm, Texas.  She attended University of Mary Hardin Baylor, where she played soccer and received a bachelor of science in cell biology with an exercise sports science minor.  After graduation from Mary Hardin Baylor, Dr. Kemmerer attended Parker University.  Becoming a chiropractor had been her dream ever since a high school injury, where she was able to experience first-hand how quickly myofascial work could heal injuries.  She received her doctorate from Parker University in 2015, and graduated cum laude.  Dr. Kemmerer holds multiple certifications, including Fascial Distortion Model, sports taping, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  As a former athlete, Dr. Kemmerer understands the importance of getting back into sports or activities injury free.  Her heart’s desire is to help athletes and non-athletes alike get better and back to their passions.

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