Skyline Picture Day | December 13-14

Order Pictures Online

Wear your White Sleeveless SKYLINE JERSEY & black Adidas spandex

See below for your time slot to get your pictures taken. This year we will be taking individual pictures only, but TeamDSP will generate a “team picture” from each player’s individual picture. If you cannot attend on the day of your schedule team picture, you can schedule a time to go to TeamDSP’s studio and they will get you included in the team picture. Contact TeamDSP to schedule time to come to their studio (number below).

TeamDSP will be conducting our picture days on the evenings of Wednesday & Thursday December 13-14. We will not be using physical order forms, ordering will be online only.

If you order prior to noon on Wednesday, December 13 your order will benefit from special pre-order discounted pricing, you will be able to order buddy photos and TeamDSP will pay your sales tax. Orders placed after the deadline will have tax added, standard pricing will be in effect and buddies are no longer available.

Team photos will be created virtually in Photoshop, so if you cannot attend on the 13th or 14 you can contact DSP at 972-966-0312 to arrange a make up session at their studio which is just a 13 minute drive north of the SWAC.

If that doesn’t work please cut and paste the below link into your browser.

If you have questions please call DSP at 972-966-0312

Wednesday, December 13

Skyline TeamTime
12 Royal5:00
13 Royal5:12
17 Royal5:24
14 Royal5:36
15 Black5:48
15 Silver Cooper6:00
12 Black6:12
13 White6:24
16 Royal6:36
14 Legend6:48
16 Silver Carrie7:00
15 Royal7:12
17 Black7:24
11 Black7:36
12 White7:48
18 Black8:00
18 Royal8:12
16 Black8:24
16 Silver Sone8:36
17 White8:48
15 Silver Amber9:00
15 Silver Danae9:12
* On-Site Makeup9:24

Thursday, December 14

Skyline TeamTime
* On-Site Makeup5:00
10 Royal5:12
11 Royal5:24
13 Black5:36
11 White5:48
13 Silver Matti6:00
13 Silver Destiny6:12
14 White6:24
14 Silver Katie6:36
18 White6:48
16 White7:00
14 Black7:12
15 White7:24
17 Silver Yolanda7:36
13 Silver Yolanda7:48
12 Silver8:00
14 Silver Marissa8:12
* On-Site Makeup8:24
* On-Site Makeup8:36
* On-Site Makeup: individual from any team can come at this time to take their picture if they could not attend the time scheduled with their team